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A Magical Stay In Eilat

A Magical Stay in Eilat
Eilat is located in Southern Israel, close to the border with Egypt and Jordan
and has extraordinary scenery combining desert with clear blue sea and sky.
Beaches stretch out over the southern coast from the Egyptien border town of Taba
to the Jordanian border town of Aqaba.
The tourisms season here lasts all year long!
The temperature of the water is between 20-24 degrees all year round.
There is a lot you can’t see in Eilat unless you look under the water.
Here you will find a wonderful underwater world revealing pink and red coral reefs, semi tropical vegetation, schools of fish and brightly colored marine life.
Eilat offers a wide variety of tourist attractions.
For example water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, motor boats for self hire,
half and full day cruises, guided jeep tours to the Eilat Mountains and Red Canyon and a visit to a jewel manufacturing company to name but a few.
During your vacation in Eilat, you can also visit places of great historical
and religious significance in the enchanting biblical city of Jerusalem,
the lowest point on earth and the largest natural spa in the world the Dead Sea,
Saint Catherine in the Sinai Desert of Egypt where Moses received
the 10 Commandments, or Petra in Jordan "The Lost City of Stone".
So whether you are visiting the wonderful town of Eilat on business or pleasure,
R.P.R. & Marketing offers a fully experienced and professional team, ready and at your service, in order to make your vacation or business trip a special and unforgettable occasion.
Shalom from Ramona Sarah Altaratz


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