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Our Team - Personnel for Conferences and Groups
The perfect recipe for the success of your project,
begins with our very carefully selected team.
After working together on your tailor made proposal,
you can expect our staff to meet and even exceed your expectations;
it’s almost as if they can anticipate your needs.
Our professional hosts are multi-lingual, polite,
well-groomed, thoughtful and understanding.
We adopt a strategic approach to encompass the very nature of each individual
business or client we work with; whether it will be for individual or groups,
destinations, conference center's or event venues.
With this personal touch we are able to deliver the results you expect.
Personal Assistants and Chauffeurs
We offer personalized support to our clients.
Responsibilities often include, making travel arrangements,
organizing events/engagements, running errands, managing appointments,
making reservations, answering/returning calls, and many other business &
personal duties. Our focus is on serving and satisfying the customer at all times.
The experience of R.P.R. & MARKETING and our skilled staff,
is the perfect winning combination for you.
R.P.R. Team
באילת שירותי דיילת לתערוכות וירידים. שירותי דיילות אילת, דיילים ודיילות לכנסים אירועים באילת. שירות דיול באילת ובים המלח-נציגות ודיילות באילת Eilat,Israel,Ramona Sarah Altaratz - רמונה שרה אלטרץ - אילת,ישראל,